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Baby, can you take me in

To your dreams on my own?

Baby, I committed a sin

How could God be so wrong?


Baby, once upon a life

We used to talk, used to laugh..

Then I had to take a knife

And cut my soul right in a half.


How come and why

Angels, Angels cry?


Baby, through the tinted glass

You look at me like years ago

As for those who're still around - God bless!

But why did you have to go?


Baby, I gave up my flags

I've let go off all my fleet

Life's no longer that complex

And all I know is my heart can bleed.


Have you ever known how loud

The silence screams through your ears

After you just heard her last -

Her very final heart beat?


How come and why

Angels, Angels die?


// музыка и слова: Александр Дьяченко //